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Friday, June 25, 2004

So, I finally made it back from my "Big Day". The wedding was AWESOME!! I just have to say how lucky I am!! Nicole was sssooo beautiful. I don't think I'll ever get over it. It was so rad to have all of my family and friends in one place. I was so blessed to be surrounded by such an all star team. Both of my best men, Colin and Tim gave such great toasts. I'm also stoked that I had the chance to hang with some family that I don't get to see that often. Matt and Ben, my cousins, sure know how to throw down, I'm so proud. I really don't know what to say but thank you, to the Angelos, my family, and all of my friends. It was beautiful!!! Hopefully everybody has recovered from the party!!

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Thursday, June 10, 2004

I'll always be Jeremy's biggest fan
I just got the new ESM today and there's a sweet No Fear ad with Jeremy boosting on an Inspired. I'll never get over this feeling. I'm still little, and haven't gotten THAT much play in the mags but everytime, I get sssoooo amped. Even if I payed lots of money for it. But this one is such a bonus 'cuz Jeremy is blowing up right now! He just got hooked up with No Fear and I knew it would be no time before he got tons of new sticks. I'm bummed to see him go. I've been making his boards for a couple of years now. It's so sick. I love surfing with Jerm and even when I don't get to I never stop hearing about it. It's such an ego stroke to hear: "Jerm was killing it at Vilano." I mean, I'm not all that ego guy, but seriously, THAT'S why I do this. To see someone surfing their best or when they tell me how much fun they've been having, that's my life right there. So, yeah it sucks that he's gonna be getting other sticks, but my A team is so deep that I just let it slide. Jeremy has done so much for me, I'm always behind him 100%, I know he can do it. At least he's getting boards from AJ. I like AJ, he's always been super cool and we traded off some sick ones at Esterillos once. So this shot is a SWEET bonus today, THANKS. I'm feeling absolutely CAPITAL. I'm off to get married, and just bought a house!!St. Aug 4 LIFE!!!!!!Guess I better get a real job. OK, that's what I think about all THAT.

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