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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Here we go again!!!! At least we had one weekend without a Hurricane!! The Expo party was pretty sick. Thanks to Ryan,Cullen,Severt, and the boys. But now we're back to the "Hunker Down" crap. I can't handle it. I know we've been especially lucky in NE Florida, and feel for people all over the state who did any worse than a couple of shingles and a week without power!! God Bless 'Em. But I'm over it. Where's our WAVES. All this punishment and no reward...Please let Monday be good, please let my house take it, please don't let anyone get hurt, please LEAVE MY T.V. ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, September 16, 2004

"I'm on a road shaped like a figure eight; I'm goin' nowhere but I'm guaranteed to be late."
-Modest Mouse
Tory called it "post hurricane funk". But whatever it was got me, for a couple of days I was worn out. St. Augustine didn't even take the brunt of any of these storms, but my windows are all boarded up, and I've lost power for a total of 7 days between Charley and Francis. I'm just praying for all the peeps in the path of Ivan!! The storms seem to drain all of your energy. Anyway, I can just be thankful that I only lost a couple of shingles and a week of work. Now I'm feeling CAPITAL. We're gettin' er done around here. Stewart is a machine! We did a ton of boards this week, gettin' ready. Looks like the first real wave maker: Jeanne, is on the way. Finally we're gonna get some good surf minus the destruction. (Fingers Crossed) I'm jonesing right now 'cuz all the boys on Captiva have been chirping, and I know I missed a SOLID. I'm screaming "MY TURN!!!" Expo is this weekend, and for once I'm stoked. Mini KISS is playing! They're a KISS tribute band and they're midgets!!!!!!!! Should get ugly. And I can't wait to check out all the new Future Fins (hook a brother up!). OK, 'nuff babbling, KEEP IT REAL,

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