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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Check it out, the "Bling Bling '05". This is my new board. I'd tell you how it rides, but I'm so excited I haven't even taken it out yet. Plus, it's too cold. But my boy Billy Eckert at FCS hooked it up with the new H2 fins, I had to deviate from my Futures fix and do this thang. Check the bling bling diamond tail. That cuts a couple of inches off of the rail and makes the board ride "shorter" fitting in tighter turns in the pocket, shortening the turning radius. This tail is taken off of the 2005 k-board from Channel Islands. I just make it work better for Florida. I put a full double concave all the way through the front foot. Definitely check one out. I've got Jeremy Creter taking one to Puerto Rico this week so the fotos should tell the truth. I'm so amped on it. Speaking of Creter, I got him hooked up with Futures Fins. Jeremy will be sporting all of the latest high tech fins so I can get tons of feedback on 'em. I'll be able to upgrade your custom boards with all of the latest fins like the aluminum/carbon ultralites. Tons of new crap for 2005, the "bling bling", the SI Ripko, the Flying Squirrell, the "Chunks", you have to update your quiver (that's an order, SON!).


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Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy New Year!!! These are a couple of preview pics of the shaper cam. I finally bought one, and am currently trying to iron out the kinks, it should be live in a couple of days. Only problem is, now Nicole can tell when I'm slacking off. Well, I really just wanted to post these and say good luck to team riders Jayson Earl, Ross Howatt, and Jeremy Creter competing this week in the Sebastian Inlet Pro. I'll be down on Thursday to see the finals, and prepare for a weekend of trying to act as cool as possible at the Surf Expo.

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