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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Batey went first. I just finished my first "cyber-interactive" custom shape. My friend Batey McGraw ordered a board to be shaped while he could watch from work online. It was cool, we're straight Bobby Digital!! Nah, I just think it is so important to be there for the birth of your surfboard. Jeremy Creter doesn't know jack about surfboard design (like most of us), but the thing that is so important is that Jeremy is ALWAYS in the factory!!! He has to be here to watch. It's so hard for most people with regular jobs to check it out, but I think the shaper cam helps. Now, while you're bored at work, you can watch me work. I still have some kinks to work out. I'm sure plenty of you think that I never work 'cuz you've checked the cam "like a hundred" times and haven't caught me. I'm fixing that. My guys are putting a blogger sheet so I can give some sort of general schedule of when I'll actually be in the shaping room (only about 1/3 of my work time is spent in there). Also, I have a new longboard shaper and might be able to put a camera in his bay if he gets over the stage fright. I don't worry about that, nobody wants to do it like I do. Plus, it's mostly self-taught. Well, that's all for now, wishin' I was fishin'; surf's flat, going crazy.
he-he, I learned how to change the color of the words!!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

HOLY CRAP!!!! I had to write again today, GO GABE!!!!! Gabe Kling just placed third in the Margaret River event. He is currently rated #1 on the Men's WQS!! Go to (Ithink) and check out the men's wqs ratings!! How sick is that. Go Gabe, it's your turn!!!! I'm freaking right now. Check this out:

asp men's wqs standings:

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For some reason the last blog didn't post right away, I feel I have to elaborate on the weekend. It was unreal. Lance grew up in the sickest house, right on the water, fully Swiss Family Robinson style. His grandpa was a big game hunter and they have giant tusks, zebra skins, everything you'd expect to find in Lance's house!! We got "tore up" for the bachelor party and at least a dozen of us passed out all over the house. Mrs. Moss wasn't bothered at all and made us orange juice to ease the pain in the morning. Saturday was the rehearsal and dinner and of course, there was a full roasted pig, CLASSIC!! Head and all. Lance was in hog heaven. Running around with the pig head, oh man, hope there weren't any veggies present. The wedding was beautiful. I was late of course and had to run down to the beach just before the wedding party made their entrance (thank God Nicole wasn't there, she would have died!!). It was a beautiful beach wedding, instead of lighting candles they mixed sand from Kristen's in Pennsylvania with sand from the beach in Niceville to signify the two families joining. It was really cool, just what you'd expect from Lance and Kristen. She was so beautiful. I'm no fashion guru, but her dress had this handle thing so she could carry the train like a purse, I don't know, I just appreciate good design. I started to really miss Nicole. I think because of the crazy weekend we had already, I was completely unsuccessful in catching a buzz, although I gave it the old college try for sure!! Everybody got on the dance floor, even me and at the end Lance had someone go out to the car and grab a copy of Pennywise, with Brohan blasting and all of the boyz slamming, you'd swear someone was going through the giant glass windows for sure, and the wedding nazi pulled the plug half way through the song and not so politely told everyone to beat it. The party headed back to our hotel, and I managed to find a quiet corner to pass out in. All in all it was an unbelievably cool weekend, I don't think we'll ever be able to gather that group of friends again. I love weddings!

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Friday, March 18, 2005

I definitely "married up"! Just ask anybody who knows my wife. I'm so lucky to have such a strong home team. Right now I'm waiting on my ride to Lance and Kristen's hitchin' over in the panhandle. I'm so fired up. We have an all-star team to get "bulletproofed" for a proper bachelor party tonight. And I'm sure the rest of the weekend will be beautiful. I'm so stoked for Lance. He is another of the lucky ones who finds a custom made partner. In fact, I have 7 weddings to go to this year!!!! Obviously, I won't be able to make all of them, unfortunately. But I'm so happy for all of my friends taking "the big drop". Congrats.

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