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Thursday, July 21, 2005

This morning I surfed a chest-high plus left point. I paddled straight into the wave of the day (first time ever!!) and caught two more super fun 75 yard lefts before the sleep was even washed out of my eyes. And I wasn't dreaming!! The cops came and tried to write tickets for surfing so Tommy and I bolted to the park entrance and walked up to the other side and surfed and even better right point!! Bigger and with less people!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wasn't even dreaming. I surfed a left and a right point IN St. AUGGIE!! If you haven't guessed, the DREDGE is back. It's no secret, either. This is the first swell to really get it going, and now there's a tropical system just outside of the Bahamas, in line to "tune us up" for the weekend. FINALLY!!!!!! We've been waiting so long, I couldn't believe it when we pulled up last night and it was friggin WORKING!!! Come surfing in St. Augustine, RIGHT NOW...You won't be alone, at 7:00 this morning there were 50 people out. These cops came around the point on their cop boat, and ALMOST ATE IT!! They took one over the bow, and I know the fat one swallowed his tobacco for sure!!!!! It was classic. Someone already tried to mess it up by walking on the sand up by the tractors, and they had to scare everybody. But, it's a delicate balance. If some idiots mouth off to the dredge people, or the cops, we'll get cut!!! So be nice, paddle out down from the dredge, and don't be stupid!!! Last time turned into a mess with the fishermen throwing crap at us off the pier, and cops in boats, hellicopters, whatever. Supposedly, they're going 60' past the pier with the dredge, so this will be an interesting tropical season in St. Auggie to say the least. I'm building 4 new sticks for myself next week!!! I'm amping. OK, now forget everything you just read. The Dredge in St. Augustine SUCKS!! There's no point breaks in Florida!!!!!!!!!

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