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Thursday, August 18, 2005

It's so hard to get back at it after a really good break. Irene was such a perfect storm for us in August!! I took 4 days off at the factory (after 2 more delivering boards and visiting Ft. Myers) and didn't miss a wave!! Nicole even got in on it on Sunday, the really good day. I had her "posted up" right in front of the peak on her beach towel, guarding an extra board. It was so fun. We even went bodysurfing, couldn't believe she got over her shark paranoia to catch some really fun waves. Now I'm sitting here sweating in 110 degree weather, looking at pictures of the weekend (Check out and go to the surf photos link on the forum page). I have soooo much work to do!! But, tomorrrow morning I get to catch some Tarpon with Tommy EARLY and then we're going to test drive the Inspired Boat '05!! The company will have to buy it as a taxi boat to the Secret Spot!!! She's frikkin' beautiful!!!! She's a 16' American Skiff bay boat with a 60 Johnson. The perfect boat for me and Nicole, best part is that she's all fired up for it. Guess I'll have to buy one of those pull behind tubes!!! I feel like a kid the night before Christmas. The fishing has been as on fire as the surf lately, I gotta get mines!!!! But, I'm pulling the usual Drew move, and counting chickens a little early, I'll report back when she's sitting in front of the shaping room...........

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

It was ME day here at the factory. I got up early the last two days and gorged myself on chest high fun surf at the dredge. When I got to work about 9:00 yesterday, I busted some little stuff out for this batch going to my friends in California, then decided it was time for ME!! I've been busting my butt, and feel pretty caught up so I built myself a new fishy. I got this template from Doug Wright that I used a ton back in the day and somehow lost! He just gave me the old one, I was so stoked. So I cut out this weeks batch of 10, put 'em to the side, and powered out one for myself. It felt sooo good to get away from filling out orders and pamper myself. I even went ahead and glassed it before getting back in there and getting to the "Dude is my board done yet?" summertime stuff. I'm amping on it. 6'0" x 13 1/4" x 19 1/2" x 14 3/8" x 2 3/8" swallow winger. Ultralight blank, 4 oz. bottom, 4oz. over 4 oz. deck patch. SUPERLIGHT! I'm going back to FCS so I can use the curved fins and the H2's. Actually, my boy Billy Eckert is working for FCS now, he's doing a good job of making me switch back. They have a new plug that doesn't brake out like the old ones, and comes in pretty colors. I'm stoked on it. So my new board should be ready by the time we get any new swells (hopefully soon). If it's flat this weekend, I'm taking Nicole back to the Ichituknee river again. We went last weekend, it's so sick! Natural springs just a few hours away. We'll camp this time for shure!! The water is so cold and clear as a pool! I saw some really big bass at the spring, I won't forget my pole this time. I'll even go to Wally World and buy some spinner baits, get 'r done...Can't believe I just said that. I'm over it. Oh yeah, there's a FREE Wu-Tang show at UCF next weekend, if anybody wants to tag along!!

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