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Monday, December 19, 2005

I've gone surfing on my birthday every year since I moved to St. Augustine!! Well, almost, last year I just kinda "got wet" after Andy took me fishing offshore and we absolutely KILLED IT!! But, every year I've gone surfing. One of the best birthdays, Lance, Luke, Chico, Smokey, and I surfed almost PERFECT Secret Spot, still one of my most memorable sessions of my life!! It was shoulder high, with some bigger ones, and I got barrelled. I don't remember too many specefic sessions, but I remember that one!! Well, today's my birthday again. This year is different. Santa has put in SO MANY ORDERS this year. I'm building 5 shortie's first shorties. I love that. Well, I can't really complain about the last minute scramble at the shop, it happens every year, and really helps us cruise through winter. The real reason I'm not surfing this year is that it's FRIKKIN FREEZIN'! I don't know, I guess I'm gettin' old. 28 feels old. 28 isn't fun to say. But, I really think it's going to be my best yet. All in the same, I'm 28, almost 30. 30's old. Next year we'll be in Costa or Nica, nice and warm with our friends and Santa will already have his batch...

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Thursday, December 08, 2005

I'm sure that by now many of you have heard what happened to Clark Foam, for those of you who haven't: Clark Foam Closed. I've waited 3 days for the dust to settle to write my take on the current state of things. At first I freaked. Kinda like it was our "black Monday". I was absoultely glued to my desk either online or on the phone. I never really got mad, a little scared at first. Mostly bummed because I knew that just as I started counting my chickens, this happens right before Christmas!! Looks like everyone will be getting cards again:( Then I thought, well finally we can take a serious look at what we're doing to the Environment (and closer to home: my lungs!!) and build Epoxies again. Greg Loehr, the "leader of Epoxy", has put in so much hard work and time perfecting Epoxy surfboards and he's more than a little helpful. His resources are soo helpful. I have made some Epoxy blanks in the past, and actually last month started working on how I could build some more (talk about timing). So as my mind goes in crazy spirals, my emotions turn to joy, absolute extasy actually!!! This is the situation business professors theorize about and little entrepreneurs sit in lectures and go: "yeah right". So, what happens to the little guy when the Monopoly STOPS DEAD IN ITS TRACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited as to the future. I've begun the re-tooling process and will have in-house blank production fully functional in 4 weeks. Yeah, 4 WEEKS!! While most of the idustry goes OH CRAP!! if you have some motivation, and can follow simple directions, and can get a little financial help, and can keep your head on straight, and can put your boat up for sale, and spend 4 days on the phone, and come up with a plan, and have some motivation, and think in circles, things are looking GOOD!!!!! I'll keep you posted.....

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

This email absolutely made my day today. I built a custom board for this guy's seven year old daughter for Christmas.

Drew one more thingIf its not too much trouble, let me get a hand written note from you to---- saying something like:"Hope you like the board. Santa ordered it up after getting your list. He said he had heard about how good a surfer you were from some Roxy pro named Andrea in Costa Rica. He and I worked real closely together to build a board that fits you perfectly and looks as cool as you. Santa and I hopeyou enjoy and hope you keep the "sunny side up" when it gets big.
p.s. I'm supposed to pass on Andrea wants you to bring the board out for her to see as soon as you can."
Can't blame an old dad for hanging on. I think she's catching on to the santa thing FAST and this may be my last year with her believing the old guy exists.

that's pretty much why I do this.........

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