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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I'm not sure if the pic went up, but if so that's my new bada$$ quad. I'm so stoked on it. I rode it at Vilano last night. It's fast, very very fast. I'm so amped on Hawaii. Anyone out there have tips on Maui? Hit me up! I know there's Maalea, and Honalua Bay, but where else? Can't find anything good online. Well, we're in full production again. The shaping machine is sick. Oh, I'll put a picture of it up too. It's the coolest tool I have!!! I'm such a tool dork. I spend so much money on stupid tools. Like I think I have 6 routers now, just bought another D-handle one on Ebay last weekend. Oh, I have to give the first blogger "shout out" to Aunt Becky, HELLO MICHIGAN!!! It's 80 degrees in the shade right now, how 'bout you:) OK, back to work.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

So I just did my new favorite non-shaping thing at the shop: fed my fish some little feeder fish. I love watching him just tear 'em up!! I know it's sick, but I love it. So I finished the new batch today, some new EPS foam, some Blue boards, and I made myself the sickest all texalium vacuum bagged quad. Very light. I'm going on the road tomorrow to show 'em off and hopefully come home with some new shops in between Stuart and Smyrna. I love hitting the pavement!! In my perfect world I'd shape Monday-Thursday and go see shops every Friday. Anyway, I'm so tired right now I won't get too long winded, but we're 100% geared up for a KILLER spring season. I'm so amped on how the EPS boards came out. For starters, they're white and that makes people feel comfortable. But they're SO light, I'm tripping on 'em. I have to make myself a step-up board for Hawaii. I leave in 3 weeks, I can't wait. Of course the surf here will probably suck until then especially since I just got a new board. So I'll be all fresh-legged the first day or two. But I'm really looking forward to some good waves, some time to chill with Nicool and her P's, some quality Sushi, and get a fresh head on my shoulders. I need it so bad. I'll PU IN SAI for all my boys, beleive dat.

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Friday, March 03, 2006

That's one of the first texalium xps boards. I'm pretty stoked on 'em. It's a weird time right now. I know I haven't written in a while, I'm slammed. It's the first time uh, ever, that I don't have a surfboard right now. I needed this tool, this router for a new bit I got, and I've been doing too much work on the shop and not enough gettin' boards done. Actually, since I've taken this project on we've only finished 8 boards!! So I'm over-budget to put it lightly, and I wanted this last tool sooo bad that I sold my boards!! Guess I don't need to be out on Clark foam anyway.. But I guess we had to do all of this work to get all set up, and we're pretty stoked. Here's the run-down. We have two different foams: XPS and EPS. XPS is the blue foam, my favorite. It gasses when it overheats, like if you leave it in your car in the summer, you risk getting big 'ol delams. You can beat this by keeping your board in a reflective boardbag at all times. But the ride is soooo good, and they NEVER take in water!! We also have the EPS which is becoming the hand-shaped epoxy standard for cores. EPS is white, beaded foam. If you get a ding it'll take in water about like a poly (Clark) board would. But it doesn't have the gassing problem. So we'll be using EPS on stock boards, and the blue boards will be the top of the line custom cores. I'll be riding blue. So we have new blanks, we just moved into the new space for the skimboards and got all of that set up this week, the shaping machine is in the "just about ready" phase, tightening the last screws. I'm just getting a second wind, been pretty "spent". Today I'm finally shaping myself a new stick: stringerless XPS "Stretch" style quad, 6'0" x 12 1/2" x 19 1/4" x 15 1/8" x 2 1/4" short, beefed up wizard outline with a quad set-up, can't wait. All the custom orders we're behind on thanks to Grubby Clark will be coming through this weekend, and next week, so anybody who I've told to wait until we catch up should start sending in order forms, and it's officially back to normal here!!!

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