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Monday, May 22, 2006

That's my teamer Justin Lacrosse going straight up on the new EPS/Epoxy. All the boys had their way with this board. The general consensus was that the float was the only noticable difference from what everybody's used to. That's really good news for me. So I've been slacking for so long on updating the blog...Hawaii was sick. Maui is absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately the surf sucked. Hank (my father in law) wanted to explore this hippie nude beach (classic!!) and there was actually a sick little reef working right there so I surfed with this naked hippie, it was hillarius. Hank was working me, "are you going to invite your new friend over???" just working me. It was pretty funny. We basically snorkelled every day for hours. No complaints there!! There were turtles everywhere, tons of fish. My favorite were these grouper, all black with white spots and brilliant blue fins. They were sick. Oh, can't forget about the whales!! I guess we were at the tail end of humpback whale season. One of the craziest things I've seen. Just LAUNCHING, you could see them from miles away. One day Hank and I were coming in from snorkeling and were talking to this guy on the beach. He was from VIrginia Beach, a manager at one of the resorts in charge of events and stuff. He was telling us about the whales and goes: "yeah, just a few weeks ago you'd just look right out there" and right when he pointed out a giant humpback launched like free willie or something, just crazy perfect timing!!! I know that guy will be claiming that one for the rest of his life!!! Nicole and her Mom missed it, I don't know if they even believed the story, but the next day we saw a family of 'em cruising so we were validated. All in all it was a sick trip, but honestly now that I've been with Nicool I don't know if I'll ever feel like travelling that far again. I really miss Costa Rica, and need to go see the boys in Nica someday. That flight out to the islands is just so rediculous to me, I can't stand being in that little seat for that long!!!! I have to tell you about yesterday. Nicole is super into the boat. Sundays are boat days. So last week we're getting ready to go out and I think we're charging it, going off the beach for cobia and all. And she LOADS UP THIS PINK LAWN CHAIR!!!!!!!! Here we go. That's just to warm you up. SHe likes the boat, but gets over fishing super fast. She wants to get her tan on. So yesterday I "forgot" the lawn chair and it was beautiful so we pushed off the beach. The bait was super close to the beach, and we got enough for the day in one cast, they were thick. I caught a small shovelnose shark, the first shark Nicole had ever seen up close. She got all amped!! It was small enough for me to grab and let her pet it. Then it was on. We pushed out to the barge and caught a few fish. Then Andy called and told us to go out deeper and look for cobia. At that point I just couldn't beleive that Nicole had come out this far with me, and expected to be shut down, but she was 'BOUT IT!!! I mean, she jumped up on the cooler and held on to the dock rope you know? Just on the scout!! She spotted a six-foot barracuda and we circled it for a minute, and the next pogie pod was unreal. She goes "there's sharks all over the place" but the "sharks" were actually huge cobia!!!! It must have looked like a three stooges episode!! We were just running around the boat, bumping into each other, dropping stuff, just GEEKING OUT!!!! I'm cracking up just writing this. Needless to say we scared the fish, but it was such a good laugh. From then on Nicool's like: "there's a pogie pod over there, lets check that one, faster, faster, faster." She's hooked. I told her I wanted to take off today and go back, and she's just sooo jealous. I'm not going. Anyway, I gotta get to work.

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