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Monday, November 27, 2006

Yup, just got back from Oklahoma, Pardner. It was actually way cooler than I thought. Nicool and I went up for Spanksgiving, along with my sister Jen. She met us on our layover in ATL headed for Dallas. Well, I found one thing out for sure. Those stupid "Airborne" things for not getting sick in airports is NOT a chewable!! I popped one in and Nicool goes: "you're supposed to dissolve that in a BOTTLE of water!!" and I freaked as my mouth totally over-foamed! I just swallowed hard, probably the worst thing 'cuz it wrecked my stomach for the rest of the flight. Good thing I've got a belly or I mighta popped. So we got there and it was soo good to see the P's after almost a year. We went to downtown Ft. Worth to check out the Stockyards and daily cattle drive. That was so cool. They don't just call 'em longhornes!!!! This is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and we still had to drive "an hour or so" to Oklahoma, yeah right. Roads were packed but we had fun anyway. So Oklahoma is pretty cool. We went to this big state park to "deer hunt" with binoculars. It's hunting season and the white tails know to go to this huge state park where they're safe. I was thinking about Lance the whole time. We spotted about 40 white tails, only one big buck though. He was BIG maybe a 8 or 10 point, but he was skittish and dipped as soon as we got close. The rest just chilled, not caring about us at all. Jen and I rode on top of the Jeep and got a great view of the whole park, until Dad got brave behind the wheel and almost threw me off. Just kidding Dad, I know it was the road's fault:) Next big adventure, we went to check out Turner falls, about 10 miles from their house. It's a sick set-up; natural falls, chrystal clear water, and RAINBOW TROUT!!! We paid our overpriced park entry, and I spotted a huge rainbow on the first bridge. Then there was this lady with a full stringer of the little guys!! That was the last straw. You know me. We all loaded back up and split for Wal-Mart, 5 fishing lisences, a barbie and a spider-man cheap pole, a can of corn, and it was on. We didn't kill 'em at first, and I was getting bummed, but the bite turned on and we got a nice catch for dinner. Dad fired up the barbie stream-side and we bottomed out on fresh rainbows and corn on the cob. It was sick!! All in all Oklahoma was unbeleivably cool. I can put the pressure off Mom and Dad to come home to Florida. I can fully understand planting some roots up there...

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