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Monday, January 15, 2007

So just got done with a really good Surf Expo for once. Usually I'm in and out in less than an hour and thoroughly disgusted with the "industry". This time was different. My good friends at FCS invited me to put one of my new boards in their booth. So, for the first time in 12 years I had some expo-exposure. It was cool. Thanks again Mike, Billy, and Ron!! I decided to take some blanks to the show, and maybe do a shaping demo in the shaping booth if there was room. Honestly, I was SO nervous!!! Really not that many people came by to check it out, but I still had the butterflies. Couldn't hook the i-pod up with the cool mix I had for the demo, the racks were super wobbly, the Brittney Speers headset didn't work so I couldn't talk, etc. But it came out really good and was over before I knew it. I was worried about cutting into the next guy's slot. I think I busted it out in like 45 minutes. Stewart was a champ, and I left the camera in the truck like 10 miles away, he made a mad dash and snapped some pics for me. After that I took one of the new blanks around the show on parade. That was really cool. I showed the blank off to a bunch of other shapers around the Expo. Everyone was really stoked on the blank. I got a bunch of orders for our new blanks and got to meet so many of my heroes. All the big name shapers said the same thing: "I don't think I can run this on my computer." my response was the same: "THESE AREN'T MADE FOR THE COMPUTERS!" Ha Ha... It was a really good show. Then it got a little out of hand as Expos do, compounded with my helper Stewarts birthday AND Gabe just making the WCT AND Papercutt playing at the party, it got pretty fun. At one point, one of my old neighbors, this little girl who weighs ninety-nothing got BRAVE and tried to hoist my fat but up!! That was a dumb idea as we both wiped out in the middle of a sold out party!! Not fun and pretty embarrassing! Nicool thought it was hilarious when I told her, though. Oh well, I won't get into those stories any more. Gotta get back to work. Check the pics. The board we built for the show is a sick one. It's my new board, 1# EPS core, H*) Divinycell rails (stringerless) with a corecell composite deck. I still need to weigh it, but I'm guessing it's 4 pounds or less without fins and tailpad.

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Friday, January 05, 2007

FIRST BLOOD!! I'm totally battling this mouse in the shop right now. Well, my Dad says "you know the second mouse always gets the cheese!" so I might be battling mice or mouses or whatever. But it started the first day of 2007. I took Nicool to Universal Studios for the new year. I was pretty foolish thinking to myself that lines would be short and everybody in Orlando would be too busy to go out to the fireworks. WEll, if the locals stayed home (which I don't think was the case) half of the Latin world and most of Europe made up for them in attendance. I'm trying to say it was packed. It was super fun, and I'd do it again but back to my rat. I came in the shop to check emails and get an hour or so in while Nicool napped on her birthday, the 1st. I noticed some funny tracks in the foam on the shaping room floor. I'm used to geckos, monster roaches, plenty of snakes, even my neighbor's little chiwawa (I don't know how to spell that little half dog) but these tracks were different, until I followed them to where the foam got deep and I saw the unmistakable tail drag!! YUCK!! I HATE RATS!! You might read this and think my shop is disgusting, but we back up to a bunch of woods and an abandoned warehouse to the other side. There's critters here. So I put it out of my head and got some work done. The next day a few of the boys stopped by to lend a hand moving some stuff around and I offered to make sandwiches. Sure enough, the rat had taken his share of the bread first!! Now I'm grossed out. Don't touch my food!! So I got three traps. A big rat trap, since I'm sure he's a ten-pounder, and a few mice traps just in case. The smaller ones are cool, you load them with peanut butter, twist 'em open, then they snap shut and you never see the animal, er rodent. No blood, no looking at the dead rat, just dispose of the trap. The rat trap is the real deal. Guillotine style baby. Take that and all that and that too. So I went a few days without a taker and was considering switching from Peanut Butter to the old faithful cheese. Then yesterday I was in the bathroom and who pops his head out to say good morning?? My ten-pounder is more like 10 grams, he's no big threat I assure you. But he's still varmin. So I finish my business with one eye on the suspect, then stick Otis in the room with him thinking I've got him now. I seriously locked the dog in the potty with the mouse. Well, no go. I gave him a couple minutes, I had my money on the dog. I opened the door and kicked the basket he was hiding behind and he shot out of there!! No way was Otis going to catch that mouse. He slid behind the desk, making for MOST UNCONFORTABLE computer work yesterday. Well, I set the traps again last night and I think I got him. He's a tough one though. He went for the peanut butter on the guillotine. There's blood on the trap, but no mieces and no pieces. Maybe it got his tail, and he's such a bad ass he went and sewed it back on. That's what I think. Hopefully he's gone but I kinda doubt it. I'll post more when I finally get him.

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