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Saturday, January 19, 2008

WOW... Yeah, almost a year since last post. I had such a weird '07 I don't even want to recap, but I'll do a quick run down. New builds: dual density, carbon fiber rails, sandwich composites, sandwich composites with carbon fiber rails, on and on. The boards are going unreal. Sales were a little slow last year, but so far '08 is looking stronger than ever. Went to Minnesota. Under the lousiest of circumstances I think we had the best time possible. I love my family so much. Miss you uncle David!! That was basically what you missed. NOW, I've been waiting for a serious DOOZY to get the ball rolling on this blogger again. Well tonight was the perfect one. Let me paint a little picture for you. Some of you know that we had a failed attempt at bringing a second dog into the family. Yeah, yeah, bummer deal, but at least I know Opal found a good home. Well in the process Otis moved out the the factory permanently. Don't feel bad for him, he absolutely loves it out there. He has all his toys, treats, bed and all that. He really loves it. And like most self employed guys, I get to work at 7 and work until 7 so he gets plenty of attention and whatnot. So there's that on Otis the shop dog. So right now Nicool has 2 major honeydo's for me. We're going to finish out the tile (yeah, we:) in the living room and paint the guest room (AGAIN!!). Waiting on some mushroom colored grout to come in so this Sunday we'll paint. I worked a regular Saturday for me and came home for some encheladas and out to the Depot. Depot and Dollar store for rollers, nothing major. Pretty nice Saturday. I decide to go by the shop and let Otis out one more time since we're right down the road, plus wanted to show her some of the cool new boards going through. Let the little sh**& out to do his thing, and he doesn't come back. That's really weird because he's pretty "military" and comes right back for a treat or throw the ball or something. But he's gone. We're yelling for him and all, and I decide to get in the truck and go down the service "road" behind the shop where he loves to run. Nicool goes into nag-mode and is telling me that I'm going to get stuck. Whatever. It's a big truck, never gets stuck, blah blah I don't even hear it. The weather is so ugly right now. Low tonight is 30, and it's raining. Just plain nasty. And I'm in my brand new Christmas gear, down to the New Balance socks. I'm not getting out in the weather for that *%(#$*&& dog!! So I go down the trail a little bit, and decide not to go any further. There's palmetto-pine forest on one side of the trail and swamp on the other. I'm backing out and pretty much end up in the swamp. No biggie, I know the drill, rock her back and forth and we'll come right out. But I start SPINNING right off the bat. I'm already pissed, and Nicool's just eating it up with a spoon. Laughing her ass off at me: "I told you we were going to get stuck, take your jacket off before you go push" I was bitter. Anyway, get out and I don't wanna get into the swamp and push. Grab a piece of ply and stick it under the tire. She gets into the driver seat (couldn't open the door, had to crawl over the arm rest, I was in the swamp!!) and gets ready to gun it. I give the signal and just get absolutely destroyed. Not just mud. Not just rainy day mud puddle old mud. I mean smelly swamp crap. Nicool is losing it. Luckily the guy next to me is a tow truck driver. Oh forgot to mention it's already 9:00 and everybody's gone home. My friend Al is a mechanic at another shop next door. He's pretty much always there if you get my drift. So I go bang on his door and get him up to pull me out. THANK GOD FOR AL!!! Took a few but we got her out. Now I owe Al some serious beer. Back to the stupid dog. Otis comes flying around the corner finally to check out what this crazy mess is all about and why I'm covered in swamp. I come so close to man-punching the stupid dog, but control myself. I just grab the collar and lovingly guide him into the shop. It's all dark, but he looks funny and he's all greasy, not just wet from the rain. YEP, he found something D-E-A-D dead. He stinks so frikkin bad. You dog owners know what I'm talking about. Pungeant, rotten, disgusting, nastiness. So here goes this mess. I've stripped the jacket, it's 30 frikkin degrees, these jeans don't really fit so I'm all bent over washing this dog in the rain, in the freezing cold crappy rain, with freezing cold rain going down my crack. It sucks. All this time Nicool is still just eating it up. She's in the bedroom right now laughing. I swear, sometimes if it wasn't for bad luck.........

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